2023: Will You Get a Stimulus Check? Let’s Find Out!

stimulus check
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Will you get a stimulus check in 2023? Let’s find out!

Since the beginning of the year, inflation has skyrocketed, causing Americans to make severe budget cuts. Things are pretty bad, and we’re actually victims of some of the biggest inflation our nation has ever faced, which is exactly why many people have stopped allocating funds for entertainment.

People realized that they needed to make some serious changes in their day-to-day lives so that they could have enough money and not spend on things that didn’t necessarily count as necessities.

Some of them decided to stop paying for their little indulgences like streaming services, women stopped getting their nails done, and other people said buying coffee at a shop is not something they actually have to do daily. The sad thing is that others, unfortunately, had to drastically reduce their spending on necessities like food and medicine.

The government has not been able to effectively combat inflation, at least for the moment, but as different sources say, they’re doing everything they can. Moreover, the Federal Reserve expected that a string of significant interest rate rises would help minimize it, but so far, such efforts have not paid off.

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7 Responses

  1. I became a widow in Mar 2020 which cut
    My income almost in half. I received a stimulus ck that
    Year but that ended in 2021. I am retired
    From federal svc since 2004 and am 86 yrs
    old and moved into a Senior Home in Oct
    2022. It takes my whole retirement ck to pay
    for sr. Home. Another stimulus check could
    really help me and thousand

    s of others like me.

  2. I’m a retired 40 year gov’t employee, My increase in retirement income for 2023 is 78 dollars monthly. My increase in health benefits costs is 73 dollars monthly. So, I have $5 a month to divide up for other inflated costs. You can guess if I’m happy about what’s happening in current affairs.

  3. See retirees are staving, freezing in their homes, can’t afford to go out, while the people in DC get to party and eat steak and lobster and buy luxurious homes and cars. Who are these thugs.

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