You’re Free! These 5 States Won’t Tax Your Social Security

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2. California

You may have thought that California would be among the states that tax your Social Security, since they seem to have one of the most complicated tax schemes at the state level, with many types of taxes that need to be paid. Yet, the Golden State will not tax your Social Security benefits, as they do not count toward your income taxes. And if you are not yet retired and you decide to move to California, know that the income tax you are going to pay can be anywhere between 1% and 13%! And for those, you may also have additional income taxes imposed by localities.

Property taxes are under the national median, but they surprise when it comes to sales taxes: statewide, the tax percentage sits at 7.25%, but localities will add a bit over 1.5% extra on top of the state rate.

It may seem like California is one of the most expensive states to live in, and while that is true when it comes to big metropolis cities and general hubs, it is not the same in other parts of the state. People love living in this state, as there is always something to do in these parts of the country, and they love the weather!


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