You’re Free! These 5 States Won’t Tax Your Social Security

tax your social security
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1. District of Columbia

Since it is more often referred to as Washington, D.C., it is easy to forget that the District of Columbia is one of the states that is not going to tax your Social Security benefits! The state does have an income tax; however, the money that you receive through Social Security is not partly added to the income that is going to be subjected to income tax. So at the level of Washington, D.C., you are definitely not going to have to pay tax on your Social Security benefits.

Everyone else who is not yet retired can expect to pay income tax anywhere between 4% and 8.95%. Yet, the good news is that while DC does have a sales tax of 6%, there is no local added tax on top of it, and if you wish to own property here, the rates are actually some of the lowest in the whole nation!

The District is definitely a place where you will not be able to get bored, as it offers plenty of activities for everyone, and most importantly, you can always visit all the Smithsonian museums free of charge!

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